A large open space fitted with 36 No motorised blind system fitted with MERMET Acoustis 50. Acoustis 50 reduces noise reverberation ( the echo effect) is a room/space

A large office block near the South Coast. Glare and overheating were major issues. Note the fact you can’t actually see the blinds from outside. This is because the external face of the material is black and ‘fades away’ in the background. An Architects’ dream as it does not alter the appearance of the facade.

Specialist installations for hospitality suits of a famous Formula 1 racing team….the colour says it all.

Reflex-Rol manually operated systems deployed at Basildon Borough Council. Note the hardware has been powder coated to match the windows and the actual units are fitted on the opening windows, allowing the blinds to remain closed when windows are opened for fresh air circulation. Also, the images show the RR82023 ‘pleated’ high capacity shading/daylight filter.

At the time of installation this was the largest triangular skylight in the U.K. with 4 meters wide at the base and just over 8 meters long. Reflex-Rol Maxi systems can cope with these type of situations.

A little information about the Reflex-Rol hardware systems and construction of its high capacity shade material/daylight filter.

Maintaining visibility outwards whilst eliminating Solar heat and glare.